Lecture at Queerfest in St. Petersburg, Russia, september 2019.

Tomas Gunnarsson, also known as The Gender Photographer, gives lectures about gender-aware and inclusive communication. With examples from the media, advertisements and his own norm-critical photo projects he illuminates how images can cement narrow gender roles and excluding norms – or challenge stereotypes and mirror everyone in society, not just those who fit the norm.

Tomas Gunnarsson is a journalist, photographer and gender expert. Since 2011 he has held hundreds of lectures and workshops for companies, organizations and governmental institutions in Sweden and all over the world, including H&M, the Swedish Armed Forces, Ikea, and Google. His photo exhibition and guide book Images that change the world: a guide to equal communication, created in collaboration with the City of Gävle and the Swedish Institute, has recently been shown in China, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Mexico and Russia.

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