Photo exhibition about norms and communication:
Images that change the world

When the City of Gävle and I released our guide book and photo exhibition about gender-aware and inclusive communication in Swedish in 2016 we chose the name Images that change the world. Despite the ambitious delimitation “the world” I don’t think we ever actually thought that the project would leave Swedish borders.

Now the photo exhibition exists in a revised, updated form translated to Russian, Chinese, Spanish, English, Croatian, Latvian and Italian, and has with the help of the Swedish Institute and Swedish embassies around the world been shown (so far) in Shanghai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Zagreg, Riga, Rome and Mexico City.

Opening at Taikoo Hui Mall in Shanghai. In the thumbnail is the transgender guy Jazz and his little sister Bobbo, who says: ”you’re a boy, and you’re also my big sister.”

If you want to take part of the guide book and photo exhibition in English it’s available in it’s entirety as a toolkit at the Swedish Institute’s resource site Images that change the world.

Here are some workshop images from the world!

Images from workshops and exhibitions in Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Shanghai and Mexico City.

In connection to mine and the Swedish institute’s revision and internationalization of the project a movie was also recorded about my work, for those who want to see me in action portraying a boss (the City of Gävle’s then communications director Johan Adolfsson) posing upside down in various beautiful sofas.

Mini-documentary about my work as the Gender Photographer produced by the Swedish Institute.