Criticizing regimes ≠ criticizing religions

Revolutionary remix of the dancers from Henri Matisse’s La Dance and the beautiful Azadi tower (Freedom tower) in Tehran, by the artist @innerjalz.

“You’re witnessing a historic revolution led by women. It would be so nice if you wanted to be a part of it. ❤️”

Read the post by @saharsorati that begins with that! (Pinned at the top of her profile.) About how everyone can and are allowed to help the people of Iran get rid of the murderous regime that have held them hostage for 43 years.

If you’re still worried about coming off as Islamophobic if you criticize the Islamic Republic, take comfort in this succinct explanation by actor Payam Banifazbani:


“The Iranian people are not fighting against Islam itself. They’re fighting against the Islamic Republic. Their government. And that’s a government that for the last 43 years has used the religion of Islam as an excuse to terrorize, torture, rape and kill their own people.”

Would you refrain from criticizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for fear of sounding “Russophobic”? The same principle applies.

And this is not even a theoretical example. Just listen to the gaslight emanating from Putin’s own mouth as he labels EU sanctions against Russia “discrimination”, and an attempt by the west to “cancel” the Russian people.

Deluding us into thinking that the conflict is about hijabis vs women who are “against” them (when they’re actually simply pro-freedom of choice) is another one of the devious tricks pulled by the regime, to make itself disappear from the equation.

In the regime’s propagandistic remix of the illustrator Marco Melgratis’ viral picture, the regime critic Masih Alinejad has suddenly turned into the morality police, rather than the actual morality police.

Compare this with real revolutionary art, such as that by @sahar_ghorishi.x:

By Sahar Ghorishi

Art which captures the spirit of the revolution, and what’s actually going on in Iran right now. How bravery and a spirit of community have spread like wildfire, and how those who oppose the regime are one single big We.

Believers and atheists.

Straight and queer people.

Entire cities???

And cute old women who sing “freedom, freedom, freedom” in the streets at night (😍).

I think the vlogger and activist @avajahangiry summed it up in a great way:

“Every time I wear this headband [which says ‘Woman, life, freedom’] I’m scared like a dog. But how beautiful isn’t that fear?”

Imagine being part of something like that.

You can be! Follow @saharsorati’s advice!

#iranrevolution 💚🤍❤️‍🔥

Image sources: @paran.nb, @pouriazeraati, @iranrevolution.sweden, @avajahangiry, @from____iran.

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