Alright then! My election special, where I 30 days before the election analyzed images of Swedish politicians in the media on my Instagram, is finally done.

19 posts in total, with analyzes of over 70 images, some headlines and a film clip. You can read all the posts below, or by clicking through to my Instagram if you prefer that format.

Later, I’ll compile a super post with the analyzes sorted and refined and all the references pedagogically collected. At the same time I’ll post a translation into English (until then you’ll have to rely on Instagrams automatic translation – hope not too much gets lost in translation!). Until then, feel free to contribute with your own comments, reflections or suggestions of images I should analyze in the future!

2012 vs. 2022

Someone Who Eats Glass Ceilings For Breakfast (2022)

Married at First Sight (2022)

Don’t You Miss Your Kids? (2017)

Carl-Bildt Destroys Hamburger (1991)

Turkey But No Further (2020)

Test of Femininity (2017)

More Height Fraud (2022)

Of Governable Height? (2021)

The New Gender-Neutral (2021–22)

Gender-cliché No. 1 (2021)

Shaking Up the World with Wordfeud (2015)

Women Looking Admiringly at Men (2022)

Hide Her Behind a Tree (2014)

The Moderates of Heby Municipality (2018)

Women Are Empathetic. Men Are Superfluous. (2014)

“Woman” Hot Candidate (2017)

Poor Stefan (2014)

Mmm… POWER (2012)